Make That New House YOUR Home

First, it's important to keep in mind that a house serves 3 basic functions:

It's a SHELTER, an INVESTMENT, and a HOME. Paint has something to do with all of these functions.

Paint is, after all, an architectural coating, and a good quality protective coating on the outside and inside of your house is going to help the shelter to last and keep your investment an asset and not a liability.

Before we talk about the home aspect of a house, let's dive a little deeper into the function of a shelter and investment from the standpoint of the coatings in the house.

Does it have old lead-based paint?

Does it have acoustic texturing on the ceilings, or more commonly known as "popcorn" ceilings?

If you answered yes to either of those, you could be potentially moving into a hazardous living condition, at which point that shelter may be protecting you from outside threats, but what about the ones from inside?

And from the perspective of being an investment, it's common knowledge that popcorn ceilings are not the rage anymore and potential health hazards don't help with ROI.

Removing the acoustic texture is a labor-intensive task, to begin with, but even more involved for the average DIY'er. And it's MESSY! And once it's removed, you still have to re-texture it, prime it and paint it.

You can save time/money by having professionals, like VIP-PAINTING take care of it for you and you'll save even more by doing before you move furniture and personal belongings into it!

And keep this in mind, making that house YOUR home will be done instantly by painting it the colors and Sheen's YOU want. And remember, painting an empty house is more cost-effective than a house full of stuff, so call VIP-PAINTING today to set an appointment for a free estimate!

We would be thrilled to help you make your new house a home!