Mark Turpin | Owner and Operator


Yeah, yeah, yeah...this is the About Us page. But is it really? Here at VIP Painting, we realize its NOT about us. Its always and forever will be about YOU... the paying customer.

You truly are a Very Important Person in our eyes and a VIP like you deserves a Very Impressive Painting company to service your Very Important Projects.

Mark is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Because he places the highest priority on keeping commitments, you can have peace of mind that your project will be taken care of to your expectation.

Without boring you with Mark's resume, just know that his integrity, work ethic, industry knowledge and commitment to excellence is rivaled by very few.

Mark's specialties include: Pre-Bid consultation services, Color/Design Consultation, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Customer Communication and Customer Satisfaction. He'll occasionally even put on the painter's whites still.

Painters | (Honest and hardworking)

Other than your project, Mark's priorities are family, church, community and music.

Mark has hand picked workers that know the value of hard work and integrity. His team of painters take pride in what they do and share Mark's commitment to excellence and they all are honest, respectful and professional.

It's all about the right guys (and sometimes gals) for the right task. From prep work, to decorative finishes to straight production painting, VIP - Painting, Inc gets it done!

We provide the highest quality painting, delivered with a "VIP" experience.

Because we treat each customers as the VIP, they are; our professionalism reflects that of a VIP service. Customers benefit from receiving a truly quality product and a stress-free and highly satisfying experience.

We can deliver on this promise through employing top-notch painters who are committed to Excellence.

VIP all the way..."Very Impressive Painting for Very Important People, servicing your Very Important Projects."

We have proudly painted some of the finest homes in Northern California including:

Sacramento's Fab 40's, Granite Bay, Folsom, Fair Oaks, El Dorado Hills, San Francisco, Sonoma, Marin, Oakland, San Jose and Redwood City.

In addition to fine interior and exterior residential painting, we have designed and painted restaurants, theatres, offices, and schools.

Our interior and exterior VIP Painting services are also available to the Multi-family sector such as Home Owner's Associations, as well as Residential and Commercial al Property Management Companies.

Would you like the VIP experience on your next project?

We have been in the painting industry for over a decade and come with a 360 degree perspective that involves:

Top level painters devoted to their craft
Dedication to customer support
Expertise in Product selection and application
Color Theory and Design Expertise

We aim to be one of Northern California's most sought after painting company. Are objective is to attract and retain customers that put a value on quality and professionalism. In doing so, we are committed to delivering an "honest day's work, at an honest price". We know that the way we will reach our goal is one VIP at a time.